How to Be a Successful Sugar Baby

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4) Always give the impression that you're trying your best in life.
Whether it's with grades, your job, or taking care of a pet, men are motivated to help you if they see you're trying hard.

3) Never ask for money outright, even if you've been together for a while.
There are better ways to ask or suggest they give you money: "I could really use your help with XYZ," "I could buy this, but it costs XYZ."

2) No drugs, no drinks, no drama.
Drama is an addiction, too. All those things will ruin an arrangement.

1) Always hold your head high.
Practice confidence. If people call you a prostitute, a slut, or a whore, tell them, "No, I'm worse." It will stop them in their tracks and leave them perplexed. Remember, it's your money, not theirs.

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