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"But would it relate to any other Peters?"
For Twintreess, "relating" is a key concept. Thomas often begins an answer with "The way I relate to your question is . . ." Now, he reveals how he relates the roles of himself and his wife to you and me.

"I relate to Marilyn and I as shamans for our culture. We're not trying to be Native American shamans or indigenous shamans or people from any other culture. We're blond-haired and blue-eyed, we're shamans for this culture, and I think it's very important that Spirit asked for [Festival] to be put on in this country . . . we're just amazed how it's taking off."

Marilyn has something to add.
"You know, the funny thing is that the land has told us that it's already celebrating Festival. It's celebrating that we've said yes."

Festival is set to include things like organic food and drink, sacred geometry, a 20-acre labyrinth, group body movements, massage, reflexology, storytelling, rituals, singing and drumming, and celebration of "all life and expressions of the heart . . ."

If you think this sounds like yet another crystal-dripping New Age love fest, you are wrong. That's because Twintreess do not define themselves as New Agers.

It may seem confusing; despite that they run a thriving mail-order business called the TwinTree Press, selling meditative power headbands, quartz crystal singing bowls, CDs of "Earth music," tee shirts of their dog Ogallalah (who has a really big aura), regeneration/meditation tapes, "whimsical, lovable gnome necklaces" featuring a "colorful cloak and cap"-clad gnome hugging a tiny crystal, no way are these people New Age.

"That relates very well to Festival," says Thomas. "We do not define ourselves. So many people in our society want to be able to understand something, so when we don't define ourselves, people have to really trust, and we have to trust also.

"So specifically with Festival, it is not a New Age festival, it's not a Renaissance festival, it's not a flea market, it's not anything that's ever been. It's a totally new thing that the Earth has asked us to do to heal. So we try very hard not to define it and label it. Same with ourselves."

There's more.
"It keeps people guessing, but it really creates an environment where we can be clear, and we can also be treated as responsible for who we are, which frees other people up to be responsible for who they are in relation to us. Which is really important when you're talking about concepts like we are . . ."

Now do you get it?
All right, then, let's continue.
"The thing that may be different with us when you look at what's commonly called channeling and a lot of the other New Age things is that we're extremely grounded, and the weirder we get, the more normal we are," rationalizes Thomas.

"We don't deal with good; good to us is a judgment just like bad, so everything around us isn't just angels and fairies and happy stuff. It also includes all of our emotions as human beings. So if that's anger, frustration, confusion, we bring them along. So if someone doesn't like what we present, we actually take that as an affirmation, and we try to support them in that."

I know Thomas would support my decision to allow him to keep talking.
"Sometimes, people that are very New Age may be least likely to embrace us because so much of the New Age is geared toward what's good. If you bring a full spectrum of emotion and also don't judge good or bad, then if they're attached to good, then bad is usually very fearful for them.

"Our greatest teachers have been the animals and plants and trees," he explains. "I used to live in the national forest, and everything would speak with us. I've never met a tree that apologized for being a tree or was ashamed for being a tree. Same with a wild animal."

No need to feel left out. Yes, you, too, possess the power to speak with beings you thought were mere household pets, or porcelain objects used to rid your body of waste matter, or even common shrubbery. You, too, may utilize your hidden powers to, as Twintreess do, enjoy congress with the extraordinary.

"Everybody has miracles in their lives; it's just that they try and explain them away," Thomas acknowledges. "For example, you say, 'Oh, there's nothing behind me.'" He spins around to illustrate. "Then why did you do that? You made it go away. So what we do is, 'Hi.'" He calmly turns and raises his hand in greeting. "After you practice doing that enough times, all of a sudden it's not just, 'Hi,' but you start to hear voices, you start to see shapes, you start to have conversations."

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