"I'll email you the exact location of dead Gabriel's little blue body," Gabriel's Mom Text-Messaged Father

As the search for 8-month-old Gabriel Johnson continues -- now one month after he disappeared with his mother, Elizabeth Johnson -- the text messages she sent to the baby's father while on the run have been revealed.

It was widely publicized that Johnson told Gabriel's father that she had killed the baby, but it wasn't until today that we get a glimpse of just how nuts this chick actually must be. She gives Glen Close's character in Fatal Attraction a run for her money.

Here's one that the baby's father, Logan McQueary, shared with KPHO:  

"You will never see Gabriel again. I made sure of that. And you can spend the rest of of your pathetic life wondering about him. You will never find me. I'm already boarding a plane out of the country. When I'm safe, I'll email you the exact location of dead Gabriel's little blue body, if the garbage don't come first. This is what liars like you deserve," the seemingly scorned Johnson texts.

Of course, she later recanted her claim that she had killed the baby and says she gave Gabriel to a random couple she met at a park in San Antonio, Texas.

The worst part is that, at first, cops seemed to believe the second story.

Now, we're no detective, but we can sniff out BS when it's held right in front of our face.

It wasn't until this week that police in San Antonio even searched area landfills, where if they had believed Johnson's first (more plausible) story, they should have sarched much sooner.

Now, a month after Gabriel was last seen alive, there seems to be no "couple in San Antonio," and leads in the case have begun to dry up.

(Ahem) world-class police work, folks.

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