". . . I'm on a Conveyor Belt to Death Row"

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* On his fingerprints at the crime scene: "I want to find out how my fingerprints got there. I can't really sit here and honestly tell you I have the answer on that one yet. But it would have been a piece of cake for someone to have planted them there to set up both me and Hap. I don't think the police could conspire in this type of thing, but somebody was obviously planning on doing something and I was the medium. If you want to pin something on somebody, you can do it. I'm hearing the alarm [at Jeanne Tovrea's home] was intentionally set off. I've heard there was an entry made through a window, and that's where my prints were. So I very carefully put my fingerprints on the window? I'm not ignorant. I'm not stupid. I've watched enough TV, good God. Why wouldn't I, if I was gonna do something like that, why wouldn't I want to exit the same way I came in, cleaning as I went out? If someone had the lay of the land, why wouldn't they exit out of the same window? Why panic? It doesn't make sense to me that someone who has enough information to know about the alarm system and everything, where's the panic factor?"

* On other possible suspects: "I'm not gonna dismiss anyone at this point, even Ed Jr., but I'd look at some other members of his family--his sisters, everyone. Ed Jr. used to get pushed around by his sisters. On one occasion, I heard all of this frustration in his voice when he was talking to his older sister [Georgia] about something. He told me one time they didn't get along with Jeanne, that they flat did not like the woman. Everything I've ever seen mentioned is those three [step] kids. But they've left one person out--her daughter. From bits and pieces I got from Ed, she and her mom were not exactly real friendly. I have no proof of this, but she could have had the best of all worlds--get the money and have her mother killed at the same time. I also heard that the Tovrea kids still own a lot of property near the Castle, and that it's worth millions. My understanding is that if they implicate someone in the family such as Hap, then that money will go elsewhere in the family."

* On how he learned of Jeanne Tovrea's murder: "Ed Jr. informed me. I hadn't seen the news that day. He called me early in the morning after it happened, and told me somebody had called him. He was freaked. It was April Fools' Day and he's saying his stepmother got murdered. I said, 'Sick joke.' His voice was what I would call disabled. He was actually scared to death. He said, 'Do I have enemies--I wonder if someone's out to get me.' I said, 'Are you paranoid or what? It was your stepmother, Ed, not your wife.' He goes, 'That was my dad's house.' There was genuine fear in his voice. Why would someone who masterminded this have fear in his voice? Why wouldn't he be a bit of a braggart about it?"

* On possibly plea-bargaining: "I won't be able to plea-bargain for something I did not do. I've heard people say that Ed Tovrea must have something on me. Wouldn't it be me who had something on Ed Tovrea? There are days I sit in here and say this to myself, 'I wish to hell I had done something, so I could say, "I did it, let's cut a plea bargain, let me get out of his hellhole."'

"If I knew something, maybe I would give it up--just because of what it's doing to my family. I've embellished things in my life, no doubt, but I've done a lot of real stuff in my life. If someone says you can't do something, I don't know it. I keep going until I hit the wall. As far as violence goes, I just don't believe in it. I've always been for the death penalty for people who intentionally take another person's life. It's hard to believe sometimes that I'm in this situation. My new lawyers [Mike Bernays and Tonya McMath] are gonna fight hard for me, I know that, but sometimes I get this feeling I'm on a conveyor belt to death row.

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