In ESPN Super Bowl Blog, Lil Wayne Sides With State That's Prosecuting Him

Arizona may be prosecuting Lil Wayne on felony weapons and drug charges, but the popular rap artist has no qualms with picking Arizona to win the upcoming Super Bowl.

In his ESPN blog today, Lil Wayne writes that the Cards are going to take the Steelers "by 14 to 17 points. A lot of people will think that's crazy, but you gotta understand the Cardinals have all the motivation right now."

He adds that the Cards will "stomp (the Steelers) hearts."

As New Times readers may recall from our post on Lil Wayne's most recent Yuma court appearance, "Weezy" is in the midst of a serious legal bind that could put him behind bars. Last January, a drug dog found marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and a firearm in Lil Wayne's ride after he was stopped at a notorious Border Patrol checkpoint on Interstate 8 near Yuma.
The case, which the Yuma Daily Sun newspaper recently touted as one of the region's Top 10 stories of the year, is still pending.

Charges or no charges, ESPN considers Lil Wayne its "favorite blogger" and lets him continue to opine about sports -- better treatment than TNT gave Charles Barkley after he was arrested in Scottsdale on suspicion of DUI.

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