Investigations Into Thomas Abbott's Brutal Death Were Botched by Phoenix Police; His Family's Convinced It's Because He Was Gay

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New Times sought an interview with Talley, but he canceled several planned meetings.

Just last month, Buchanan abruptly quit his legal fight to get the life-insurance money. He and his attorney folded just before he was scheduled to undergo a two-day deposition in the federal civil case.

The "settlement" means that Tom Abbott's sister, Liz, gets the $162,000 in life insurance.

Any criminal prosecution of Buchanan is unlikely at this point.

On May 18, Phoenix police Sergeant Michael Polombo wrote to Martha Novorr explaining why:

"Without any additional witnesses or evidence to conclusively determine the cause and manner of death, this investigation cannot be forwarded for criminal prosecution and will be reclassified as a death-unknown and closed.

"Ms. Novorr, I am very sorry for your loss of your brother and [for what] your family [has] gone through over the past two years. I know that you were hoping for a different outcome from the police investigation."

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