Irony: Gay-Rights Advocates Ask AZ Attorney General Tom Horne to Respect Marriage

Why Marriage Matters Arizona, a coalition of gay-rights advocates, is calling on state residents to urge Attorney General Tom Horne "to stop wasting taxpayer money defending our state's harmful constitutional amendment banning marriage for same-sex couples."

The group calls on Horne to "respect all Arizona families," which is ironic because the embattled politician who was caught sneaking out of his office for a little private time with his mistress clearly doesn't respect his own.

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As New Times has reported Horne, who is married, has never denied an affair with former Assistant Attorney General Carmen Chenal, a Cuban-American divorcee. Nor has Chenal ever denied being Horne's mistress.

One FBI reported noted: "Horne is having an extramarital affair with Chenal and they utilize Chenal's apartment for the furtherance of that affair."

Also, an FBI agent told Phoenix police that Horne "was driving someone else's car, crashed and left the scene of an accident, having some rendezvous with Carmen in her apartment. That's not ethical, that's not honest, that's slimy."

Even so, the Arizona coalition's call goes out a year after the Supreme Court of the United States in the United States vs. Windsor case struck down a portion of the "Defense of Marriage Act," citing that banning same-sex couples from marrying violations the Constitution's Equal Protection clause. Gay-rights advocates note that since DOMA was partially struck down, there have been 22 consecutive pro-marriage rulings nationwide using the precedent of the Windsor ruling--including two landmark rulings in Utah and Indiana.

Yet, the case in Arizona is scheduled to move forward this summer, with Jeremy Zegas, the coalition's project director, saying the oral arguments in the case could be scheduled anytime after July 21.

"With each passing day that our Attorney General defends Arizona's ban, not only are countless taxpayer dollars wasted, but thousands of loving and committed couples in our state continue to be denied the critical protections that only marriage can provide," Zegas writes in an appeal for residents to sign a petition to stop Horne from continuing his Office's defense of the state's same-sex marriage ban.

"It's time for our Attorney General to stand with the growing majority of Arizonans who believe it's time to stop harming Arizona families," he writes. "Click here to tell Attorney General Tom Horne: Get on the right side of history. Stop defending Arizona's marriage ban in court."

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