Is a "Broken Arm" Really What Kept Joe Arpaio Out for Two Weeks?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's reportedly going back to, um, work after spending more than two weeks out of the public eye with a supposed broken arm.

The last time the public saw Arpaio was on February 28, the date of the purported trip and fall on a sidewalk in downtown Phoenix, in a series of videos recorded at the hospital.

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That's quite the reaction for a broken arm, although crazier things have happened.

"I am angry at myself," Arpaio told the Associated Press. "When you look at everything I have been through, and I get incapacitated by a sidewalk."

Sure, it's possible, but do you think Arpaio really spent more than two weeks out of the public eye, and looked like that in the video above, due to a broken arm?

Cast your vote below:

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