Is Carson Palmer the Answer to the Arizona Cardinals' Quarterback Carnival?

The Arizona Cardinals landed quarterback Carson Palmer in a trade, which sounds way, way better than the prospect of Drew Stanton being the Cards' top QB.

Though Palmer appears to be an improvement on the surface, he might not be the one who ends the Cards' quarterback carnival.

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Since Palmer's first NFL season, in 2004, he's had two winning seasons as a quarterback, with the last one being the 2009 season in Cincinnati.

He's never had Larry Fitzgerald to throw to, but look how well that's worked out for the last gang of doofuses under center for the Cardinals.

Also consider how the Cardinals' last quarterback from USC worked out -- Matt Leinart.

In the post-Kurt Warner era, there was Leinart. There was Derek Anderson, John Skelton, and Max Hall. Then Kevin Kolb, then Ryan Lindley and Brian Hoyer. And they were all thoroughly disappointing.

Soak all that in, reflect on the past couple of years, and decide -- is Carson Palmer the answer to the Cardinals' quarterback carnival?

Cast your vote below:

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