Is It Surprising to Hear Joe Arpaio Pointing Out the Stupidity of Minutemen?

Before this week, it's hard to imagine why Sheriff Joe Arpaio would ever talk down the Minutemen, seeing as he always seems to be the one to back some sort of controversial fringe movement.

However, he's now talking about how lucky a Minuteman is to not get shot 30-or-so times.

Of course, that's after 49-year-old Minuteman Ronald Malley allegedly pointed a rifle at a sheriff's deputy, because he confused him for a drug smuggler.

Arpaio, in a moment of sanity, remarked that there are going to be some problems if, while deputies are trying to combat drug-smugglers, there are just civilians with guns playing Cowboys & Indians in the middle of all of it.

Arpaio even commended his deputy for not blasting 30 rounds into Malley, as cops are certainly entitled to do after getting a gun in the face.

He further said that the militias' games could have "disastrous personal and public safety consequences," according to the Associated Press.

Now, if Arpaio would have said this while guys like Chris Simcox were grabbing national headlines during the immigrant-hating heyday, that would have been one thing. But is it still surprising to hear Arpaio chop down the minutemen?

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