Is Joe Arpaio a Job-Creator Now?

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Last week, Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced his newest conspiracy theory, by proclaiming that he's a job creator.

After running "employer sanctions operation"/immigrant roundup number 65, Arpaio figured that since his deputies arrested four people with jobs at a Mexican restaurant, he'd just created...four new jobs.

Here's part of the press release that came from:

(MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ) With unemployment figures approaching the eight to ten percent mark, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his deputies continue to investigate local businesses that hire illegal aliens as a way to help provide jobs for legal citizens.
"Identity theft is a serious problem for the victims of these crimes," Arpaio says. "In addition the arrest of these illegal aliens working with fake names and false social security numbers opens up employment opportunities for those who are in this country legally."

So, is Arpaio going to get our country back to full employment, even though unemployment in Arizona is about double what it was since Arpaio won his most recent term?

Cast your vote below, with option two borrowed from Billy Madison:

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Matthew Hendley
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