Is Joe Arpaio Responsible for MCSO's Bungled Sex-Crime Investigations?

Valley media outlets have started to take in the 10,000 page, $5,000 internal-affairs report from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office on its hundreds of bungled sex crimes.

Based on several accounts of the report's summary, the specific sex-crimes detectives involved weren't pegged with all the blame. Understaffing is cited as a cause, as is mismanagement.

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The only direct finger-pointing we've seen shoots at former Arpaio Chief Deputy David Hendershott, which is expected, and frankly, easy.

So, before all 10,000 pages are digested, let's take a guess -- is the guy running the joint responsible for the bungled sex crimes? Of course, we're talking about the man who spent the weekened holding a publicity stunt with a chunky actor in the name of dead children.

Since the summary of the report doesn't offer any real surprises, would you say that Arpaio's responsible for the bungled sex-crime investigations at the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office?

Cast your vote below:

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Matthew Hendley
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