Is Joe Arpaio's Fantasy Anti-Paul Penzone Ad a Sign of Sheriff's Desperation?

In case you missed it, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has finally acknowledged his election opponent, Paul Penzone, by creating a fantasy account of what happened between Penzone and his wife in a 2003 altercation.

Arpaio won't debate Penzone, nor has he made any mention of him, until this ad was released, accusing Penzone of "hitting a woman" -- something only Arpaio has accused Penzone of doing.

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A lot of Arpaio's campaign cash has been spent on ads talking about himself -- many of which are also the Sheriff's fantasies, as our colleague Stephen Lemons has been following.

Arpaio's even been careful to acknowledge the race's third-wheel candidate, former Scottsdale police Lieutenant Mike Stauffer, usually referring to him as something like that Scottsdale guy.

With Arpaio's new ad directly targeting Penzone, though, is it a sign that the Sheriff's getting a little desperate?

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