Is John McCain a "Reagan Republican," as He Claims to Be?

Senator John McCain, trying to win back some of the right-wingers who've been mad at him lately, claims he's a "Reagan Republican."

The definition of "Reagan Republican" appears to be open to interpretation.

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McCain -- who may or may not be considering a reelection bid in 2016 -- was not a fan of the Republican plan to shut down the federal government in some sort of attempt to defund Obamacare, and has even written an editorial in the Arizona Republic explaining just that.

That hasn't earned him any extra friends among the hardcore right-wingers, especially after McCain tried to tell some of them that he's a "Reagan Republican."

Loving Ronald Reagan is one of the Ten Commandants in the Republican Bible, so it looks like there's some disagreement over what a "Reagan Republican" is.

For example, one local Republican blogger said in response to McCain's claim, "John McCain shows himself as not only a liberal hack, but also a practiced liar."

Back on the 2008 campaign trail, McCain was asked whether Reagan would endorse him -- McCain said he believed he would.

"Ronald Reagan would not approve of someone who changes their positions depending on what the year is," McCain, the "build the dang fence" fan turned immigration-reform advocate, said.

However, those Reagan-loving Republicans did once pick McCain to be the President of the United States, you know.

What's your opinion? Would you call McCain a "Reagan Republican"?

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