Is Mike Stauffer Joe Arpaio's Stooge?

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As you may have noticed, our colleague Stephen Lemons has been a bit busy lately covering this year's race for Maricopa County Sheriff.

All signs point to Democrat Paul Penzone's being the top challenger to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, as it appears independent candidate Mike Stauffer is setting himself up to be the "goat."

Stauffer's campaign has repeatedly denied this, including the press release/Facebook post yesterday trying to discredit Penzone's polling numbers -- by citing New Times' own "morning poll," which was posted in January, under the previous Valley Fever regime.

"Our opponent appears to enjoy releasing very unscientific polls," Stauffer campaign manager West Kenyon wrote. "We also decided to release a poll conducted by none other than the Phoenix New Times, a long time supporter until very recently. This screen capture was taken just yesterday. Please know this poll was not a hand picked group of respondents rather a completely random sampling of readers responding at will."

If you'd taken a screenshot around, say, 10 p.m. yesterday, you'd notice that Penzone currently leads Stauffer about 75-20 in that highly unscientific poll.

There's also the New Times poll showing that nearly half of our readers wanted Stauffer to drop out of the race. (More than 40 percent also believe Sheriff Arpaio is the "Chef Boyardee of law enforcement," and 20 percent believe "birthers" are literally smoking crack-cocaine.)

That said, let's put another official "morning poll" in the record: is Mike Stauffer Joe Arpaio's stooge?

Cast your vote below:

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