Jailhouse Goons Make Fun Of and Kill a Mentally Ill Inmate

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Though I've been aware for a while of Horne's siccing Hinchey on Winn, what I could not reveal until now — after the Arizona Republic mentioned that probe in its article on the Hinchey situation — is that there was no mole for my July 14 article.

All the information on Carmen Chenal that I obtained was from public records. There was no Benedict Arnold whispering in my ear. I didn't need one. Both Horne and Chenal have built up armies of haters over the years, and there are many outside the AG's Office willing to gab on background.

Why was Horne so worried about the Chenal matter that he ordered an internal investigation into a mere press leak?

I can only disclose that Horne asked to meet me for an off-the-record interview after the Chenal story ran. I can't reveal what we discussed.

Post-Watergate, they say, it's the coverup that gets politicians in trouble. Too early to tell whether this will be the case here. Though, if it is, Horne can only point his index finger at himself.

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