Jailhouse Shock

The Chamber

In defense of the defenseless: Thank you for your well-balanced and thoughtful column regarding Eric Vogel's alleged mistreatment at the hands of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies ("Torture Chamber," Robert Nelson, March 14). As an advocate for mental health consumers and a member of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, I'm disgusted that all too often stories of mistreatment of the mentally ill by law enforcement officials are considered too taboo or ridden with stigma to be discussed openly by journalists.

Certainly mental health consumers are a very vulnerable segment of society and should be most protected by individuals like Sheriff Arpaio whose job it is to serve and defend. It takes responsible members of the media and concerned mental health advocates to call attention to the gross mistreatment, neglect and abuse of the mentally ill who are incapable of adequately defending themselves in jails and prisons.

Hopefully many more readers will be as alarmed by your report of the appalling and humiliating treatment exercised under the authority of this most inhumane law enforcement official.

Laura Lawless

Stop in the name of the law: I just read your story about Eric Vogel and I am sickened by this. I heard about the other two instances that happened at Madison Street Jail also, and this has got to stop. I don't understand how they can refuse to give up those tapes, which are public record. Someone needs to get some legal action going, and we need to keep Joe from getting elected to any more offices.

These jailers are murdering people, and just because these people are being arrested does not mean they are guilty and should be mistreated. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

I am willing to help you out if you need support to go after these thugs who think they are above the law. This is unacceptable behavior.

David Horstman

Voter animosity: I couldn't agree more with Robert Nelson's essay. But I'm going to vote for this cretin. What better way to expose this jerk and the corruption and incompetence of Arizona leadership than having him as a governor? Can you just imagine the grist for the media? It might actually enrage the public enough to do something about the sorry state of the state.

Ray Stevens

Another one bites the dust: I have always been an Arpaio supporter; however, I am beginning to change my mind. I was so disgusted to hear how a mentally ill man was treated by Arpaio and his guards. This is horrible! The truth needs to come out. He should release those tapes of how people are treated within his jail, at least to the families. I am very glad that I was able to read this before I voted him into office. His treatment of people is disgusting and inhuman. The worst part is that he and his guards are so cold and cruel they perform this torture on mentally handicapped people.

Tara Misplay

Turn over the tapes: I feel compelled to write to you, as the column shocked me. If the allegations in Robert Nelson's column are true concerning Joe Arpaio, why would anybody want to vote him in as the next governor of Arizona?

Arizona must be very hard up for gubernatorial contenders. It's horribly shocking that even the very family members are not allowed to see tapes of what happened to their loved one when the truth is somewhat obvious.

Ian B. Tippet

The anguish of youth: I was very disturbed by the story "Torture Chamber." I can't imagine what Eric Vogel's mother must feel like. Her son was abused, and no one is speaking up to make sure this doesn't happen again to any more mentally ill prisoners. The fact that Sheriff Joe won't release the videos proves to me that three men were savagely beaten and humiliated for unjust reasons.

One thing I have to say is that power corrupts. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an evil dictator. Even though I'm not old enough to vote (I'm 17), I'm going to try to sway my friends and relatives away from voting for Arpaio for governor.

Shannon Adkins

Zoo Illogical

Pity the poor animals: Having just read your article on Tinkerbell ("Quilled," John W. Allman, March 14), I am sick to my stomach to think that any one of God's creatures could be so badly treated, by a zoo, of all places. There should be a public outcry; heads should roll at the zoo! Apparently we have 5- and 6-year-olds sitting in directors' seats over there!

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