James Ray Releases First Self-Help Webisode Saying "Retreat" Needed for "Fulfilling Life"; Is This Guy Friggin' Serious?

James Arthur Ray is about to stand trial for the deaths of three people at a Sedona "self-help" retreat he organized last October, but that isn't stopping him from spewing snake-oil from his Web site.

As we reported last week, now that Ray lost his company and can no longer hold "self-help" workshops, he is using his Web site to post lectures for his followers because he claims to have a "wealth of information" people need to know about.

In his first Web-isode entitled "Purpose," released yesterday, Ray lays out seven principles that he says have "literally impacted his life." One of those principles is a retreat.

We're not sure how a retreat could be considered a "principle," but we agree, Ray's last retreat definitely "impacted his life." It also ended the lives of three other people, but Ray doesn't seem interested in that little snafu.

According to Ray, to lead a "fulfilling life," one needs to have a purpose, a vision, a mentor, a practice, a coach, a group, and a retreat.

According to us, however, a person need only do one thing to have a fulfilling life: Stay away from James Ray.

If convicted of the three manslaughter charges, Ray may be going on a retreat that could keep him fulfilled for about 40 years -- each charge holds a possible 13 1/2 year prison sentence.

Check out Ray's rant here.

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