Jan Brewer Joins Tiger Woods and Old Spice Guy on Huffington Post's List of Funny Halloween Costumes

Jan Brewer's bumbling performance during the gubernatorial debate earlier this month, which instantly became a Youtube blockbuster, seems to have made Jan even more famous (or infamous) than she became after signing SB 1070.

Jan's hit the big time, and people are noticing, which is why she's made the Huffington Post's list of funny Halloween costume ideas.

Jan should be (ahem) honored. The list seems to be made up of either people who are actually funny, or people who made asses out of themselves this year. As any Arizonan knows, Jan's not so much "ha-ha" funny -- she's more so-dumb-it's-cute funny.

From the Huff Post:

Tan yourself like you're going as Snooki then add a beige suit, blond wig and forget all the English you learned in school. Make sure to take long pauses and ask everyone at your party for their papers.

Others on the list include Tiger Woods, the Old Spice guy, British Petroleum's former CEO Tony Hayward, and Terry Jones, the Florida preacher who's threatening to burn the Quran.

The Huffington Post may find the idea of Jan Brewer funny. Smart Arizonans might argue it's more tragic, embarrassing, and sad that the woman runs an entire state.

Check out the Huffington Post's complete list here.

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