Jared Loughner Was Always "Pissed at the Pigs," According to Newly Released Documents

Thousands of pages of records have been released from Pima County Sheriff's Department's investigation of Jared Loughner's 2011 shooting that killed six people and injured 13, including former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, perhaps giving more insight into Loughner's life.

Interviews with Loughner's parents show they had their concerns about Loughner's mental health, potential drug use, and having guns, but they weren't really sure what was wrong with Loughner in the days before his shooting rampage.

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Loughner's mom, Amy Loughner, told a Pima County Sheriff's Department detective that Jared never went to get a mental-health evaluation -- a statement confirmed by Jared's father, Randy Loughner -- which community college officials told him to do, after Jared Loughner filmed a video at the school.

The video (which can be seen here) shows Loughner taking a tour of the Pima County Community College campus, talking about how currency is a violation of his First Amendment rights, then talking about the school being a "genocide school," and informs his teacher (who's not actually featured in the video) that he's "pissed off."

Loughner's father, referencing the video, told detectives his son was "just too smart for his own good," but also said that getting in trouble for the video "totally sent him over. I think."

"He's always pissed at the pigs, is what he said."

Loughner's mother apparently had another view.

"His behavior is not normal," Loughner's mother told detectives an interview, which was conducted the day of the shooting, but apparently before Loughner's parents were informed of what happened.

"Um, he had kind of like, talked to himself," Amy Loughner said. "We'd hear him having conversations with himself. Or, or, or just, we, a while ago, he was like, he, he, was making all kinds of noises."

Randy Loughner said he didn't "really know" if his son had some sort of mental illness, and there was no indication.

Loughner's parents were concerned to the point of taking away his shotgun -- also at the advice of school officials -- but they believed that the shotgun was the only weapon he had. Loughner ended up going on his shooting rampage with a Glock pistol.

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