Jay J. Armes, the Bionic Super-sleuth, Bails on Baby Gabriel Search

Jay J. Armes, the bionic super-sleuth, who volunteered his investigative services to Logan McQueary, the father of missing baby Gabriel Johnson, is "halting all activity in connection with this case."

Armes sent us an e-mail in response to a fax New Times received from McQueary's new lawyer, Tim Maloney, letting us know that Armes does not have authorization to speak on behalf of McQueary and basically saying the aging investigator was doing more harm than good.

Armes says statements made by Maloney, claiming Armes was not authorized to talk to parties involved in the case and that he had not returned several documents to McQueary that he had asked to have back, are false.

"Based upon the false and slanderous statements made yesterday by Mr. Tim Maloney, we are currently considering taking legal action against him and his law firm to ensure that the truth comes to light," Armes tells New Times.

When we told Maloney that Armes was off the case, he says, "That's excellent."

"You get people who come out of the woodwork, like Mr. Armes, and want to solve a big case," Maloney says. "What often happens is rather than help, they corrupt evidence."

Maloney says, if Armes has tips, he should take them to the San Antonio Police Department. He explains that when police interview someone, they want to be the first to do it, and with Armes questioning witnesses before the police, it could create a problem.

Maloney says the investigation is "all under one tent" now that he is representing McQueary and any tips should be directed to the San Antonio Police Department.

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