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Jeffrey Salter Allegedly Molested His Girlfriend's Daughter at Least 45 Times, Despite Telling Her He "Has a History" of Molesting Kids

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When Jeffrey Salter's girlfriend and her daughter moved into his studio apartment in Phoenix, Salter warned his girlfriend that he "has a history of molesting young girls."

Believe it or not, police are accusing Salter of molesting his girlfriend's daughter "at least" 45 times in a little more than two months.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the girl told officials at her school about the alleged molestations, and police went to Salter, 32, that same day last week to ask him about that.

After explaining that he "has a history of touching young girls and has had sexual thoughts about them," Salter told police that the molestations started the day his girlfriend and her daughter moved in, on July 15, according to the documents.

The molestations started with Salter touching the girl and having the girl touch him, and, to spare everyone most of the graphic details, eventually escalated to Salter making the girl perform oral sex on him, and ejaculating on the girl, the documents say.

Salter says he warned his girlfriend when she moved in that he "has a history of molesting young girls," which naturally led police to interviewing the girl's 24-year-old mother.

The girl had also told police that she told her mother about one of these incidents, but the girl's mother said Salter told her he "accidentally" rubbed the girl's genitals. She told police that Salter also woke her up in the middle of the night once, and said that Salter told her he "may have" touched the girl inappropriately.

The woman said she didn't call police because her daughter didn't give her all the details, but added that she also didn't report it because she "fear[ed] being homeless or not having a place to go," the court documents state.

She told police that all of these things happened behind her back while she was busy playing video games -- in the studio apartment.

In total, Salter's facing 45 counts of sexual conduct with a minor, and 20 counts of child molestation.

The girl's mother was also jailed, on charges of failing to report neglect of a minor, and child abuse.

Salter told police some details about his "history" of molesting children -- which occurred outside of Phoenix -- and told police that he "does not know if he would be able to stop touching young girls," according to court documents.

Salter's being held without bond, and bond for the girl's mother was set at $1,800.

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