Jeremy Wiseman Pickets Mesa Police on Street Corner, Uses Loaded Gun to Hold Up His Sign

Here's your lesson of the day, folks: if you're going out to picket your local police department on a street corner, consider using something other than a loaded shotgun as a signpost.

We give that seemingly appropriate advice only because Mesa police say that's what 37-year-old Jeremy Wiseman did yesterday, as part of what appears to be a very poorly planned protest.

According to information provided by Mesa police, officers had seen Wiseman for several hours at the corner of Alma School and University, holding a sign that said "Stop Police Harassment in Mesa," with a phone number that's listed as Wiseman's.

"He had not been known to have committed a crime at that point, was free to express his freedom of speech, and therefore he was not contacted by Police," Mesa police Sergeant Tony Landato says in an e-mail.

However, police contacted him after a bicyclist reported being disturbed by Wiseman, causing the bicyclist to find another way around, according to police.

While Wiseman told police, "Fuck the Mesa Police, come arrest me, you slime," one officer noticed that Wiseman's hand was on the butt of a gun, which was taped to the back of the sign, police say.

Cops, figuring there was a possibility of an actual gun being behind the sign, ordered Wiseman to drop the "gun/sign," police say.

He didn't, according to police, and Wiseman got taser blasts from two officers before being arrested around 3 a.m.

Sure enough, police say not only was there an actual gun taped to the sign, but it was loaded, too.

Cops say Wiseman told officers that he had the gun to "protect himself from Mesa Police."

As if the poorly planned protest had gone bad enough, Wiseman told an officer at the jail that he "stirring up a hornets nest" and told the officer that "you saw what happened to shooting cops in southern California" -- an apparent reference to former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner.

For good measure, Wiseman told the officer that he'd take care of "the problem" -- whatever that is -- when he posts bond and got out of jail, according to the cops.

Wiseman was booked on charges of disorderly conduct and making threats.

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Matthew Hendley
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