Jimmy Wayne Fans are Pissed at New Times for Dissing Their Hero. We're, Um, Sorry

Fans of country music star Jimmy Wayne -- from California to Connecticut -- are furious over a Valley Fever post that mildly criticized Wayne's charity walk for the homeless from Nashville to Phoenix. We would like to take the opportunity to, um, apologize.

Check out the post that caused all the commotion here.

As was noted, we think Wayne's bringing attention to a massive problem by sacrificing his time is admirable.

But the dude said he would be living like a homeless man on his trip, and that just ain't happening.

When we pointed out that Wayne, formerly homeless himself, sometimes sleeps in a donated RV and has a health-professional following along to look after the boo-boo in his knee on this trip, his sycophants started screeching like they had sand in their vaginas.


Okay, as one of Wayne's fans points out, we've never been homeless and don't know what it means to have to make use of what we find, or the generosity of others.

Yeah, we're sure that if we had been homeless, we would know that there are scores of generous people all across this country willing to provide our wish-we-could-take-a-bath asses an RV, a follow-car to carry our gear, and a personal sports-medicine guy to take care of our knee issue.

What were we freakin' thinking?!

Uh, the point is, ladies, the handsome, formerly homeless Wayne -- though he is definitely bringing attention to a worthy cause -- ain't limping the walk he said he would.

Since you folks are country fans, we'll make it simple: Homeless people don't take cross-country trips where they have the option of sleeping in an RV etc. Get it?

Take a look at Wayne's Web site here for information on his trek. 

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