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Joe Arpaio Called on Carpet (Again), Judge Orders Dissemination of "Corrective Statement" to All MCSO Personnel

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Read Judge Snow's new enforcement order in Melendres.

Additionally, all staff "holding the rank of sergeant or above" must read Snow's "entire 142-page Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law," as well as his 59-page injunction, describing the steps the MCSO must take to make itself right with the U.S. Constitution.

Snow also empowers his monitor Robert Warshaw and Warshaw's staff to "verify compliance" with this order. Pop-quizzes after the fact, I imagine.

Writes Snow:

"The Monitor is authorized to question MCSO personnel, randomly or otherwise, to determine their compliance with this Enforcement Order and to ascertain whether their level of knowledge of the Court's orders is consistent with the effort required by the procedure specified above. The Monitor shall inform the parties and the Court of MCSO personnel found not to be in satisfactory compliance..."

Finally, Snow scheduled a status conference for May 7, stating that, "If this Order has not been fully implemented, Sheriff Arpaio's attendance will be required and he may be subject to questioning by the Court."

To say the least, it's pretty obvious that Snow is livid.

"The misinformation, misunderstanding, and confusion caused by the inaccurate statements and inappropriate training that has occurred throughout the MCSO cannot wait until such future training or briefing may be approved and implemented to be corrected," he notes at one point. "They require immediate attention."

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