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Joe Arpaio, Crybaby Sheriff, Wants Do-Over of His "Corrective Statement" in Melendres

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Read Arpaio's top pettifogger Tim Casey's recent, asinine filing in Melendres.

But that was before the media got hold of it and pointed out that Arpaio's corrective statement admitted to various mischaracterizations of U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow's ruling.

The statement also summarized in plain language Snow's findings and orders in the case, such as Snow's conclusion that the MCSO impermissibly used race in its operations.

Read Casey's suggested amendments to the MCSO's "corrective statement."

On Tuesday, Casey submitted a re-worded order on his master's behalf, kvetching to Snow that:

"Since the date of the filing, instead of accurately reporting to the public that the Draft Corrective Statement is a summary of the Court's Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law for the benefit of MCSO personnel, the mainstream media, Spanish language media, and a local tabloid have represented to the public that the Draft Corrective Statement is, among other things, an admission by Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio that he and the MCSO did, in fact, use racial profiling tactics in its law enforcement operations."

Actually, the MCSO's own appeal concedes that Arpaio and the MCSO used racial profiling during the sheriff's notorious anti-immigrant sweeps.

Check this passage from the original "draft corrective statement," which Casey submitted last week:

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