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Joe Arpaio Foe Rebecca Jimenez Leads in Guadalupe Mayoral Race (w/Update: Jimenez the Winner)

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The contest has been intense, like only small town politics can be, with each side accusing the other of shenanigans. Signs blanketed the town's main stretch of Avenida del Yaqui when I visited last week.

Jimenez's purple and yellow placards seemed to dominate. The mayor's large signs featured herself and Councilwoman Gloria Cota, as the two were running as a team.

The vote in the council race is still tight, though Cota and Faustino Valenzuela, Jr. were the top vote-getters in a four person race, where voters could pick two candidates.

If Jimenez becomes mayor-elect, her win would be a major upset. Solarez was backed by members of the local political establishment, including Congressman Ed Pastor and state Representative Catherine Miranda.

Solarez has been seen as willing to work with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose department is paid by Guadalupe to provide law enforcement services.

That's unlike Jimenez, who butted heads with Arpaio in 2008, when the MCSO did an anti-immigration sweep of the town, setting up its command center at the town's center.

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