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Joe Arpaio Heads to the Woodshed: Judge G. Murray Snow Orders Monitor, Retraining, Video Cameras on Patrol Cars, and More in Melendres

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Read Judge Snow's final order, detailing what the MCSO must do to end its racial-profiling ways.

For instance, Snow instructs the MCSO to develop policies and procedures preventing discriminatory policing and unlawful detentions, keep detailed records of all traffic stops and larger traffic operations, and implement an "early identification system" designed to identify and halt unconstitutional behavior on the part of deputies.

The MCSO also will be required to provide "all sworn deputies, including supervisors and chiefs, as well as all posse members" with 12 hours of "comprehensive and interdisciplinary training on bias-free policing," and six hours on the Fourth Amendment, "including on detentions, arrests and the enforcement of Immigration-related laws."

The Fourth Amendment training will emphasize "the rule that use of race or ethnicity to any degree, except in the case of a reliable, specific suspect description, is prohibited."

Additionally, the MCSO must implement a community outreach program, consisting of annual community meetings in each of the MCSO's patrol districts, a bilingual community liaison officer, and a six-member Community Advisory Board, with three members chosen by the plaintiffs.

Future traffic stops will be audio and video recorded, and all patrol vehicles will be installed with the proper video cameras for such recordings within the next two years. Specialized units enforcing immigration-related laws must have the cams within the next 180 days.

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