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Joe Arpaio, Jerry Sheridan Spanked by Judge G. Murray Snow Over Melendres Remarks

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Though the judge toyed with playing the videotape in question, the defense assured Snow that his description of what was in the video was correct, and that he did not need to play it.

Casey tried to explain his clients' actions by noting the murder of an MCSO detention officer in August 2013, which purportedly prompted the October sweep.

The defense attorney suggested that emotions were high at the time because deputies were "grieving" over the "assassination" of one of their own.

Snow acknowledged that Sheridan and Arpaio have a free speech right to "mischaracterize my order" but that things change when Sheridan is training MCSO deputies as to what the order means.

"We're not trying to put you out of business," Snow said to Sheridan and Arpaio. "We're trying to keep you in line with the [U.S. Constitution]."

Standing at the lectern before Snow, Sheridan ate crow, admitting he was wrong in his remarks to the deputies.

"I am ashamed at some of the things I said," Sheridan offered.

In trying to explain himself, Sheridan said he had been frustrated with how the MCSO was perceived despite his best efforts.

He claimed that during one meeting in a separate lawsuit brought by the U.S. Department of Justice, the "lead attorney" for the DOJ "said we were ignorant and we were racist."

This angered him because, as a deputy, he had been taught "kindness, compassion, and empathy."

In other words, the DOJ man hurt Sheridan's feelings.

However, Snow reminded him that he (Snow) had not called the MCSO racist:

"I said you used race as a factor," Snow told him.

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