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Joe Arpaio Lies About Racial Profiling, and MCSO Deputies Screw Up on Video (Again)

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Read Judge Snow's order on his changes to the injunction in Melendres.

In the letter, Arpaio complains of, "Rampant UNFOUNDED [sic] charges of racism and racial profiling in my office."

Call it what you want, Joe, but there was a trial in 2012, and in May 2013, Judge Snow concluded that the MCSO had used race as a factor in determining where to have their notorious Hispanic-hunting sweeps, and as the judge himself restated recently, "in deciding which vehicles to pre-textually stop for traffic violations."

Read a transcript of the March 24 hearing where Show dressed down Sheridan and Arpaio.

Moreover, when Arpaio's immigration authority was whacked by the feds, the MCSO continued its racial profiling ways, and, as Snow has observed, wrongly instructed deputies that they had "the inherent authority to enforce civil and/or administrative aspects of federal immigration law with or without valid 287(g) certification."

During Monday's hearing, Snow expressed his extreme displeasure with Sheridan's calling his ruling "crap," and making other misstatements to deputies just as they were about to participate in an October sweep in the West Valley.

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