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Joe Arpaio Lies About Racial Profiling, and MCSO Deputies Screw Up on Video (Again)

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He was also ticked with Joe's saying the following to his gendarmes:

"We don't racially profile. I don't care what everybody says. We're just doing our job. We had the authority to arrest illegal aliens under the federal programs."

Read the notice to Judge Snow from Tim Casey referencing Chief Deputy Trombi's misstatements.

Maybe Arpaio should attempt reading the opening brief filed by his lawyers in the MCSO's appeal to the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. That brief doesn't dispute that there was racial-profilin' going on. It merely challenges Snow's finding that it was occurring outside of the sweeps.

"Defendants are not challenging the court's findings and conclusions with respect to immigration-related saturation patrols," writes one of Joe's attorneys in the appeal. "They do challenge the injunction as it relates to MCSO regular patrols."

See, the appeal concedes that Arpaio's beige-shirts violated the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights of Latinos during the saturation patrols.

Which means that Joe Arpaio's statement above to his possible contributors is a big, fat honkin' lie.

But I doubt Joe's mendacity with contributors crosses a line with Judge Snow.

Indeed, Snow made it clear that he respects Arpaio's First Amendment rights. It only becomes a problem when Arpaio's violating the terms of Snow's order, such as in instructions given to deputies.

"I respect their ability to publicly state their disagreement," Snow told Arpaio and Sheridan's lawyer Tim Casey in court Monday. "And I don't even expect them to be fair about their public statements about their disagreement and the reasons why. From my assessment, they certainly haven't been, but that is their right. I recognize that. It changes when we talk about how they instruct their officers."

Interestingly, more videotape has surfaced, this time from a community meeting MCSO deputies participated in on March 15. Snow mentioned this video during the Monday hearing, and asked that it be turned over.

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