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Joe Arpaio Makes Moolah off Melendres, Promises to "Never Back Down"

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In a purported fundraising letter for Arpaio's re-election committee dated August 6, Arpaio speaks out of both sides of his mouth on Melendres, vowing to continue his crusade against illegal immigration, and only reluctantly saying he will go along with Judge Snow.

First he regurgitates some major nativist shibboleths, like how illegal immigrants are able to get all this free stuff from the government. Which is baloney, because illegal immigrants are not eligible for welfare and other government benefits.

Read Joe Arpaio's fundraising letter, making money off Melendres.

After Arpaio sets up this straw man, he knocks it down. He tells readers, if they agree that this non-existent gravy train for illegals is an outrage, then, "I need you to stand up and show your support right now."

You know, by sending cash to Joe, who will single-handedly pursue the undocumented.

"I will never back down -- not even one inch -- when it comes to doing the job I was elected to do," the letter states. "I will continue enforcing all the state criminal laws on the books no matter what the consequences."

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