Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio Obliterated in New TV Ads by Citizens for Professional Law Enforcement

Elected on pink boxers? This ain't 2008, Joe.

The independent expenditure committee Citizens for Professional Law Enforcement has a couple of killer new anti-Sheriff Joe Arpaio ads running on local cable and broadcast Television.

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Each effectively uses Joe's own words against him, in targeted ad buys aimed at Republicans and women voters. The first capitalizes on this cynical quote from our mad-as-a-hatter badge-bearer:

"I can get elected on pink underwear...I've done it five times."

The first part of that is repeated, as TV journos talk about the MCSO's sex crimes debacle, wherein hundreds of cases involving women and children were botched.

Joe looks more and more like Mr. Magoo every day

The second, slick commercial features Arpaio's now-infamous "apology" to the innocents who endured rape and molestation, and sometimes were murdered, because Arpaio's agency had more important priorities, like ginning up charges on Maricopa County Supervisors Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox, to name two of those on Joe's extensive enemies list.

"If there were any victims out there, I apologize to those victims," Arpaio told reporters, insincerely. "If there were any."

Then the ad follows up with Arpaio's lame excuse.

"Sometimes in a large law enforcement agency," he shrugged, "these situations occur..."

CPLE co-founders, Democrat and state Representative Ruben Gallego and Republican consultant Carlos Sierra, have been working overtime raising funds to air the ads.

They didn't want to give out numbers at this time, but they did mention some high-profile Republicans who're down with the cause of ridding their party of this octogenarian ogre.

(Mums the word on those, for now.)

You'll also recall that CPLE is the group that put the Devin Fleenor-created ad on the air, as well as an animated one by genius ad-geek extraordinaire Brian Nissen.

Nissen did the two new ones mentioned above, as well.

Kudos to Sierra, Gallego and Nissen for their hard work on punching back against Arpaio's mega-buck ad buys.

There are 19 days remaining until it's all over but Arpaio's cryin'. The momentum is with us. Stay focused like the Super Friends, people, and we'll bury the Joe Arpaio-Chad Willems Legion of Doom and put a period on Joe's corrupt career once and for all.

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