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Joe Arpaio Recall Scores 120K Valid Signatures: 85 Days Left, a Little Over 215K More to Go

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She called on the public to donate money and time to removing Arpaio from office.

"We need to raise $300,000 more to carry on till May," she explained before a handful of TV cameras. "We are depending on people...sitting at home, watching this, to get committed to this effort."

However, she declined to reveal where most of the recall's $200,000 to $300,000 in donations have come from so far.

"We will report as we are legally bound to report in May," she stated. "But there are people who still feel intimidated to show their support [for the recall]."

Chad Snow, chairman of Citizens for a Better Arizona, the group responsible for the successful recall of former state Senate President Russell Pearce in 2011, denounced a fundraising letter from Arpaio to supporters that was filled with lies and name calling.

"[Arpaio] says, `We cannot allow a small band of thugs to thwart the will of the voters and erode the rule of law,'" Snow said, quoting the letter. "This isn't a small band of thugs. This is 120,000 registered voters in Maricopa County who have stood up and said...`We can't afford four more years of Joe Arpaio.'"

The recall has 85 days remaining, 215,317 valid signatures yet to collect. In fact, there's even more to collect, as Respect Arizona chairman William Fisher stated that the group's goal is 500,000 signatures overall, so as to make certain that the recall happens.

One fly in RA's ointment: county elections is remodeling, and as a result, the ten terminals currently available for petition circulators to verify signatures soon will drop to just two terminals in Mesa.

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