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Joe Arpaio, Richard Malley, Robert Crooks, Harry Hughes and Rusty Childress' New Nativist Group "Remember 1986"

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When it comes to Arpaio, Crooks has expressed support for the sheriff previously on his Facebook account. When I contacted him recently, he told me he was in Yuma, and didn't have time to talk.

On the date of the Malley incident, Crooks posted a message to his FB account, stating that,

"At 13:00 hrs two Maricopa County sheriffs visited...They asked me if I was armed: "I said: yes, I was"; They said: "GOOD" and left..............."[sic]

Malley supposedly had his run in with the deputy later that evening.

In 2007, Crooks courted infamy with two videos purporting to show a nativist shooting at illegal immigrants (otherwise known as "human beings").

The second actually resembles a pseudo snuff film.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Crooks emailed the first out to other minutemen, writing, "This video shows how to keep a 'Home Depot' parking lot empty."

Crooks initially denied that he had either made or posted these pseudo snuff films. Later, he owned up to creating them.

"Who in their right mind is going to shoot a smuggler, videotape it, then post it to YouTube?" he asked a San Diego TV station at the time.

The first version of the Crooks video

The Crooks videos have been the subject of much speculation, but I don't buy them as actual snuff films.

Though he may seem like a marginal character, Crooks has been interviewed as a sort of nativist spokesman by the media more than once, most recently in a June interview with Channel 5/KPHO.

Crooks was participating in a demonstration with nativist playboy Rusty Childress' new organization "Remember 1986."

Childress, who used to run a car dealership in Phoenix begun by his daddy, was at one time the leader of United for a Sovereign America, a local nativist group which mainly exists these days as a website.

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