Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio Shakes Down Arrests Maids for Cleaning at ADOT Buildings without Papers

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All apparently were employees of the Upright Cleaning Company, which has a government contract for such work.

Call it an early birthday present for Joe, who turned 82 on Saturday, and is the biggest unindicted criminal in the state.

I mean, any way you cut it, the misdeeds of a few cleaning people who may have used fake identities to work (horrors!) pale by comparison to Arpaio's gross misconduct while in office (e.g., misspending $100 million, abuse of power, jail deaths, etc.).

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Moreover, the deputies involved in such workplace investigations currently labor under a pall of suspicion for crimes worse than forgery.

See, there is crossover between the MCSO's Criminal Employment Squad, which did this raid, and the Human Smuggling Unit, which has become the subject of scrutiny in the wake of the arrest and apparent suicide of ex-HSU detective Ramon Charley Armendariz.

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