Joe Arpaio Still Looking Fairly Pathetic, Six Weeks After Alleged Slip and Fall

Here's a photo of elderly Sheriff Joe Arpaio, taken six weeks after supposedly slipping and falling on a sidewalk in downtown Phoenix.

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It's probably less pathetic-looking than the videos of Arpaio in the hospital bed, but this can't look too great for the image of an 80-year-old self-proclaimed tough guy.

According to a recent blurb from the Arizona Republic, Arpaio can't stay in his office for more than two hours a day. It's also possible he'll need surgery, supposedly for the broken bone.

According to Arpaio's Twitter account, this is the new shoulder sling, which, as you can see, includes some sort of corset-like apparatus that forces Arpaio's right man-boob to droop over it.

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Matthew Hendley
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