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Joe Arpaio Supporters Going for (Highly Improbable) Recall of Mary Rose Wilcox

We're not sure whether this is a serious thing, but right-wingers are touting their response to the attempted recall of Sheriff Joe Arpaio: an effort to recall County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox.

Forgive us for being skeptical, but if you think it's a longshot that Arpaio will be recalled, consider the fact that Wilcox just got re-elected by nearly a 40-point margin.

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This is the word from right-wing mouthpiece, though.

"Mary Rose Wilcox, one of the most, if not the most corrupt politician in Arizona, has until the last election run unopposed for every election for any office to which she has been elected," the "Citizens Against Wilcox" website says. "Ron [Harders], with limited funds, resources and no organization to speak off garnered over 43,000 votes against this well financed, political mafia backed supporter of illegal aliens and champion of anti-American La Raza studies in the public schools. A supporter of Randy Parraz and company who were responsible for the recall of Russell Pearce and are now pushing to deelect Sheriff Joe on obviously frivolous and fabricated grounds."

Yes, it appears that the man who suffered the huge loss to Wilcox in November is running this effort. No paperwork appears to be filed with the county for a Wilcox recall effort, though.

Harders is one of the Tea Party types who's just a few years younger than Arpaio, and the guy kind of sounds like a grade-A racist.

On the Wilcox recall website, Harders refers to Wilcox's constituents as "illegal aliens," which probably isn't helpful if you're trying to take those constituents from Wilcox.

"Much of what Mary Rose pretends to do for her constituents (illegal aliens) is tyrannical in nature," a very nonsensical blog post on the website says. "Like a mafia Don overseeing his turf, she picks winners and losers based on their usefulness to her purse."

Harders' comments there go well with his comments to the Arizona Republic before he got demolished in the election:

If elected supervisor, Harders wants to support Arpaio and his anti-illegal-immigration efforts and "getting the courts to be more effective as far as illegal-immigration lawsuits, etc., by exerting pressure on them, trying to work with the federal government in the way that ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) people would want to arrest and deport illegals, especially those who are involved in criminal activity.

"Mary Rose Wilcox has been representing Mexico and Mexican interests longer than she's been representing anybody in her district."

Harders would probably have better luck trying to recall Santa from his post at the North Pole, but whatever -- they already made the flyer:

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