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Joe Arpaio's Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan Mouths Off, Arpaio and Sheridan Head to the Woodshed March 24

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Read Judge Snow's recent order in Melendres taking Arpaio and Jerry Sheridan to task.

The training session, which was videotaped, took place just before an October 18, 2013 sweep of the West Valley by the MCSO, and included the deputies participating in that sweep.

Snow quotes Sheridan's tirade at length, and goes into additional problems with the training, the sweep itself, the MCSO's appointment as community liaison a deputy who was a member of the Human Smuggling Unit, and other matters.

The judge notes that the training session is "in violation" of provisions of his October injunction in Melendres, and he orders that both Arpaio and Sheridan be present in court on Monday, March 24, for a status conference.

Snow writes that the "direction that the MCSO leaders have demonstrated in this training" raises the possibility that Joe's agency "may choose not to be compliant with some or all aspects of this order, or only facially compliant..."

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After reading Sheridan's statements to MCSO deputies during the October 18 training, it's evident Snow's concern is well-placed.

According to Snow, the video has Sheridan saying the following to his subordinates:

"With the Melendres case, Judge Snow did not say that we were racist. He did not find that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office was racist. What Judge Snow found was that three deputy sheriffs used the ICE training that they received by the federal government in determining the alienage of some individuals; to determine whether they were here legally or not. He found that that was unconstitutional.

"He found that we detained Hispanic drivers fourteen seconds longer than non-Hispanic drivers. So, therefore, he found that we violated the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment with those two things. That's why we're here today. And we have the same--this judge put the same constraints on us that a federal judge did with the City of New Orleans Police Department. And their police officers were murdering people. That tells you how ludicrous this crap is."

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