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Joe Arpaio's "Community Liaison" Deputy Hector Martinez Finds Anti-Latino E-mails "Funny"

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No doubt Joe and his sycophants thought this was a hilarious way to give Judge Snow the single-finger salute.

After all, who better to organize community meetings and do outreach to Latinos, than one of the deputies who has been arresting Hispanic moms and dads, sons and daughters, grandmothers and grandfathers for either working without papers or simply being without papers?

Read excerpts from MCSO Deputy Hector Martinez's December deposition.

Why, just think of all the people skills Martinez developed while helping with the business raids and sweeps of Hispanic neighborhoods, which have terrorized the Latino community for years now.

Some of those people skills are on display in a 2008 Arizona Republic slideshow of an MCSO immigration sweep in Phoenix, where Martinez is featured arresting Latinos with a sneer.

The bilingual Martinez, who calls Nogales his hometown, also enjoys a joke while on the job, even when Hispanics are the butt of the joke.

Martinez was one of the several deputies who received bigoted joke e-mails from other MCSO employees, including an infamous one featuring what was described as a "rare photo" of a "Mexican Navy SEAL."

It showed a Chihuahua in scuba gear.

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