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Joe Arpaio's "Corrective Statement" in Melendres Submitted to Federal Judge

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Read the draft "corrective statement" submitted by MCSO lawyer Tim Casey.

But Arpaio is a hard case, and his command staff ain't much better. Since Snow's ruling and final injunction, Arpaio, his Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan, and most recently Deputy Chief David Trombi have all been caught belittling and mischaracterizing the judge's findings. (Note: Here, "mischaracterizing" is a polite term for "spewing self-serving whoppers.")

Read MCSO counsel Tim Casey's averral that Arpaio is prepared to sign the corrective statement.

So Snow ordered that the defense work with the plaintiffs to come up with a "corrective statement," outlining the MCSO's gaffes and relating what Snow's decision actually says.

Last week, Casey filed "the parties' counsels' agreed upon draft corrective statement," and it is a particularly delicious document, as Arpaio will no longer be able to claim, as he did in a recent fundraising letter, that accusations of racial profiling against his office are "unfounded."

Read the MCSO's proposed schedule for court-ordered testing and training.

Moreover, the statement makes clear that not only are Arpaio and the MCSO guilty as sin, but even the MCSO's appeal to the Ninth Circuit is limited in scope.

Check this lovely passage:

Based on the evidence presented at trial, the Court found that the MCSO has violated the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights of Latinos because the MCSO used race or ethnicity in conducting traffic stops.

We are appealing the court's order only as far as it covers traffic stops outside of saturation patrols. We are not appealing the Court's findings that MCSO violated the constitutional rights of Latinos during saturation patrols. That conclusion of the Court will not be altered by the appeal even if the MCSO prevails on that appeal.

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