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Joe Arpaio's Deputy Misled Grand Jury in Green Acre Dog Deaths, Says Flake Lawyer

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According to Wilenchik, the state's own air-conditioning expert concluded that it was "very likely" that the AC for the room where some 27 dogs were being kept at the residence of Todd and MaLeisa Hughes, Green Acre's owners and Logan Flake's parents, froze up because the unit's filters had not been changed.

Similarly, a mechanical engineering expert for the defendants concluded that the drop in electricity usage is "clearly consistent" with the AC going on the fritz that night.

Which would explain why, when Austin Flake looked in on the dogs at 5:30 AM, six and a-half hours after putting them to bed, 20 lay dead or dying of heat stroke.

Though Wilenchik says the Flakes did what they were instructed to do by the Hugheses, and attempted to cool the dogs down with water and ice, 21 dogs ultimately died.

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After a three-month investigation (more than many human victims get from the MCSO), Sheriff Joe Arpaio asked Maricopa County Prosecutor Bill Montgomery to indict both couples.

Montgomery sent the case to a grand jury, which hit the Flakes with 21 felony and seven misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, and 23 felony and seven misdemeanor counts against the Hugheses.

But it seems the grand jurors never saw the SRP report or the analysis of it by the state's expert, and only knew what two state witnesses, Trombi and the MCSO's contract veterinarian Bernard Mangone, told them regarding the AC unit.

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