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Joe Arpaio's Fave Pay-triot John Philip Sousa IV Fires Back, Makes Bank Off Peddling Joe

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See, in 2012, the gettin' was good for Americans for Sheriff Joe, the independent committee that the Connecticut-centric Sousa created along with two veteran right-wing hacks from Southern California: Bill Saracino and Allen Brandstater.

Sousa played chairman. Saracino acted as treasurer. And Brandstater played bass and consulted.

Together, these outsiders raised $2.8 million to help re-elect Arpaio last year. Not too shabby, and they got some pocket change and then some for their troubles.

According to filings online with Maricopa County Elections, Brandstater pulled in $24,675 for consulting fees. And his Brandstater Associates scored a nice $91,145, mainly for the production and airing of some pro-Joe campaign ads.

Saracino ca-chinged $47,845, while JPS IV took home $23,800. GIA Publications, the publisher of JPS-4's coffee-table book John Philip Sousa's America pocketed $6,285 for "donor premium -- book." Maybe an autographed copy of Sousa's tome for big donors? I dunno.

Nothing illegal about any of this to my knowledge. Indeed, this is the very above-board racket of running an independent political committee. Everyone does it. Left, right, center and none of the above. And anyway, why shouldn't a true pay-triot get paid?

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