Joe Arpaio's Least-Favorite Canadian Promises to Take Meat Cleaver to Sheriff's Privates

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's war continues against a 16-year-old Canadian kid who spends too much time on his computer.

As the kid -- whose name has never been released -- continues to get arrested in Canada for a series of whimsical threats he's e-mailed to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Arpaio's office has given an extraordinary amount of attention to the kid and his threats through a series of press releases.

This time, the kid threatened to "chop off [Arpaio's] balls with a meat cleaver and turn [him] into a woman," according to the press release.

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The MCSO press release identifies Arpaio as the youngster's "arch nemesis," as this is the fourth threat he's e-mailed to the Sheriff's Office.

In a first e-mail, the teenager referred to Arpaio as a "massive dickhead" and a "dick-sucking shitface" and said he'd murder Arpaio's whole family. In the other two e-mails, the kid threatened to shoot Arpaio and his wife.

With the most recent e-mail, Arpaio announces in the press release that "Canadians should be concerned about their safety" and apparently is upset that Canadian authorities don't jail the kid:

Shortly after his release from the psychiatric facility near Alberta, Canada, the teenage suspect emailed the Sheriff's website on Saturday saying he "will never stop until I am put away for good....I hate you so much that I will travel to Arizona to chop off your b*lls off with a meat cleaver and turn you into a woman."

The sheriff has a growing concern for the safety of Canadians citizens who may not be being protected by the laws that govern that nation as this young man is not being kept in jail or hospital for his actions.

"This person appears mentally unbalanced and authorities cannot prevent him from acting out his aggressions," Sheriff Joe Arpaio says. "While laws in Canada may be different, it is still imperative that police recognize the danger someone like this young man poses against not just me, but people in general."
The press release says the kid was arrested in Alberta, for a third time, and warned again not to contact the Sheriff's Office.

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