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Joe Arpaio's Rival Paul Penzone: Video Interview by Dennis Gilman and Yours Truly

Penzone: Looking to put ol' man Arpaio out to pasture

I've been wanting to interview Sheriff Joe Arpaio's two rivals in this year's general election for a while now. So recently, Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman and I met separately with former Phoenix Police Department Sergeant Paul Penzone and Scottsdale Police Lieutenant Mike Stauffer.

As you likely know, Penzone's running for sheriff as a Democrat, Stauffer as an Independent. Both men are thoughtful individuals, and either would be an improvement over the current situation, obviously. 

Thing is, one of them is going to have to drop out. A three-man race will dilute the anti-Arpaio vote, and our near-octogenarian clown of a sheriff will stroll to victory as a result. 

Actually, even if there's only one David battling this Goliath, he'll need more than five smooth stones, as Arpaio's currently squatting on a $3.4 million campaign honey pot. And the sheriff will likely have more dolo by the time the general election begins in earnest.

Gilman culled this seven-plus minutes of footage from an interview that lasted about a half-hour, so some stuff landed on the cutting room floor. Still, this gives you a longer look than normal at this wannabe sheriff. In it, Penzone talks about Tent City, the posse, Arpaio's antics, and cleaning house at the MCSO.

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