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Joe Arpaio's Top 10 Outrageous PR Stunts

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Some of these ditties are non-news items, nuggets of pure stupidity that the media nonetheless regurgitates uncritically. Others are cruel, involve millions in wasted county resources, the abuse of civil liberties and plain ol' injustice.

Anyway, here follow ten out of hundreds of outrageous media gimmicks, or "Joe shows," that Arpaio's pulled over the years. If I didn't include your favorite, tell us about it in the comments, and maybe we'll include it in a sequel to this post.

10.) Arpaio salivates over the prospect of putting Paris Hilton in stir Arpaio does his best to glom on to whatever's trending, like when he offered to imprison socialite Paris Hilton after she violated the terms of her sentence on a 2006 Los Angeles DUI arrest. Though there was zero chance of his offer being taken up by L.A. officials, Joe still scored time on cable, flapping his lips about this grotesque fantasy of putting Paris in stripes.

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