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Joe Arpaio's Top Monitor Pick Howard Safir Once Hit a Pregnant Lady with His Escalade, Thinks Stop-and-Frisk Is Cool

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The New York Times reported on the incident at the time and spoke to the victim, Joanne Valarezo.

Here's an excerpt:

Ms. Valarezo said in a telephone interview on Friday night that she was on a break from her job at a doctor's office and had gone to buy socks for her unborn child when she was hit.

"I was crossing the street in between cars and he hit reverse, and his female passenger screamed, 'Are you not looking, there's someone there,' and as he was reversing, he hit me on my shoulder and my knee and the side of my stomach," she said.

Then he started to drive away, she said.

"I confronted him and I said, 'I'm pregnant. Did you not see?' And he just disregarded that and kept going," she said. She said if the passenger had not screamed, causing her to turn, she would been hurt more seriously.

Ms. Valarezo said her unborn baby, a boy, "is fine now, thank God. Everything looks good with my child."

Ms. Valarezo said she did not recognize the driver.

Told he was a former police commissioner, she said: "Are you serious? Oh, my God, I did not know that. Wow. O.K., that would explain why all these detectives came to see me. I had detectives come see me in the hospital, and nobody told me who he was."

She added: "I'm shaking now. So he has been caught?"

Told he was found but not charged, Ms. Valarezo said, "Really."

Then she laughed.

She asked for his name, and when given it, said, "You would think that a man who abides by the law should follow it."

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