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Joe Arpaio's Wackadoodle Supporters Freak Out

The above video posted in early October by YouTuber BlessedONE333returnz is freaking hi-larious, and offers a window into the cracked minds of these human PayDay bars who think Joe Arpaio walks on water.

This crazy lady is kvetching off-camera about an anti-Arpaio mailer in the form of a faux newspaper published by Bob Anderson, CEO of Prisma Graphic, a self-proclaimed GOPer who is breaking with Arpaio to support Democratic sheriff's candidate Paul Penzone.

(Note: She almost outs herself, but the name on the address to the right of the mailer is a little too blurred for me to read.)

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She goes off on Anderson, calling him as a "stupid pagan idiot" and a "lying sack of crap," scolding him, in a batty, wingnut rant that I think many of you will agree is unintentionally amusing.

"This man," she says of Anderson, "has chosen to do this with his money and the money of these other nasty, evil communists."

Communists? Guess she didn't get that memo about the Berlin wall.

"Your tax dollars." she continues, "should be helping the only law enforcement agent in the entire nation who's going after Barack Obama, the New World Order, and the lies of the fraud that is felony fraud treason against our nation."

I'm surprised she didn't throw in a few references to the Lizard People, the Illuminati or "the Jews."

Then there's this description of the video in all caps:



I seriously doubt Anderson is a member of Pagans for Paul Penzone. I would have remembered him from one of our monthly human sacrifice parties.

"You know what?" she asks in conclusion. "Bob Anderson, you can kiss my ass."

Can't see her, but I'd bet good money you'd have to be deaf, dumb, blind and unable to smell to kiss that fanny without gaggin'.

At first, I thought this video was a joke, but a gander at some of the videos uploaded by the BlessedONE leads me to conclude that she is one sincere wackjob, of the Todd Stallion variety, if you remember him.

These vids include everything from "Islamic Mark of the Beast" to "OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING Was An INSIDE JOB" to "Why Mexico Sucks" to "Will the White Race Survive?" by none other than former KKK-leader David Duke.

Yikes, and double-yikes. Whatever you do, keep BlessedONE away from the fertilizer store, capisce?

Not that she's the only butterfly-chaser in Arpaio's camp: Birthers, Teabaggers, radical right wingers, hardcore Mexican-haters, professional nativists, you name it, they flock to Arpaio in droves, and/or send him money from all over the country.

Then there are weirdo trolls like Joe Arpaio Fan, who should really consider asking BlessedONE out on a date.

The man known as JAF has gone all out on a website attacking Paul Penzone with a barrage of lies, copping much of his verbiage and ideas from Mike Stauffer-supporter DeeDee Blase, whom he now maligns even as he's borrowing the propaganda she regularly spews.

JAF is a conundrum. I've spoken with him on the phone. He claims to work at a local Burger King and sometimes sounds like he's mentally disabled. Which in one way, would fit the profile.

On the other hand, he has this website, which has a PayPal account for donations. This indicates a certain level of intelligence.

Who exactly is behind JAF and his site? Well, if Arpaio wins and JAF disappears, I think we'll have a pretty good idea.

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