Joe Biden or Paul Ryan: Who Won the Vice-Presidential Debate?

For once, two men argued on television, and national media outlets didn't choose the winner for everyone (well, fewer than usual).

We're talking about the vice-presidential debate between current VP Joe Biden, and VP-hopeful Paul Ryan, who had their lone debate last night.

Both candidates had their quirks -- Biden was giggling a lot -- but it seemed like they did a much better job at highlighting their differences than President Obama and Mitt Romney did.

Biden probably won the award for zinger of the night, since Ryan dropped the name "Jack Kennedy" while talking about taxes.

"Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy?" Biden asked. After all these years, Dan Quayle still isn't Jack Kennedy either.

Anyway, if you watched the debate, who do you think won?

Cast your vote below, and no, you can't vote for the moderator. Despite what CNN and others are saying, just because moderators are good moderators, they still don't win a debate.

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