Joe the Plumber: Was He Really "Joking" About Shooting People at the Border?

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Even after he said it twice, state Senator Lori Klein insists "Joe the Plumber" -- a.k.a. Sam Wurzelbacher -- was "joking" about shooting people who illegally cross the U.S./Mexico border.

"Put troops on the border, start shootin'; I bet that solves our illegal immigration problem real quick," he said at a rally for Klein's campaign. "It's not because I'm blood-thirsty; it's not because I want to kill illegal -- illegal -- immigrants. It's because I want my border secure, that's all it comes down to."

Oh boy, that's a knee-slapper, according to Klein -- who's running for a state House seat this time around.

Wurzelbacher's campaign spokesman did not respond to an e-mail from New Times asking him to clarify whether shooting people at the border is actually part of his platform, so we're left with Klein's sorry explanation.

Do you think Wurzelbacher was serious, or is shooting people part of his stand-up comedy routine?

Cast your vote below:

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